Thursday, January 24, 2013

“In the hinterlands”

I love this sort of nonsense, from an episode of the radio program Suspense. The hinterlands in question are Connecticut:

Alice: Well, you two, I’m so glad you've come. It gets kind of dull here in the hinterlands.

Bess: Oh, I’m glad too.

Bob: Say, wait’ll you get one of our extra-special cold martinis into ya. You’ll feel shipshape.

Harry: Still know how to mix ’em, huh?

Bob: Better than ever. You get lots of practice these long country winters.


“A Friend to Alexander,” August 3, 1943. From a story by James Thurber, adapted by Fria Howard, with Robert Young as Harry and Geraldine Fitzgerald as Bess. These exchanges are by Howard.
“The country” and its close relation “the lake” were remote, even mythic destinations in radio and television, away from everything. I would like to have visited.

[“A Friend to Alexander” is easy to find online, here for instance.]

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