Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blackwings for sale

I thought that Western Civ had come to an end when the Vermont Country Store started selling vibrators.¹ But now the VCS is selling replica Blackwing pencils, only (or “only”) $3.90 each. This little bit of copywriting adds another layer to the Blackwing story:

That can only be Howlin’ Wolf, composer of “Smokestack Lightning” and the latest member of the Blackwing pantheon. Welcome!

¹ They do. Really.

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Infinitespirals said...

University Book Store in Seattle sells them too, in two different leads. They are just $1.79 at the book store. I am using one to sketch right now!

Michael Leddy said...

If you take a look at other Blackwing posts, you’ll see that I am down on California Cedar for its appropriation of materials from the Blackwing Pages and for ludicrous claims about alleged users. But $1.79 is a lot better than $3.90.