Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More imaginary liner notes

My imaginary liner notes for the fifth and sixth 45s in Van Dyke Parks’s singles project are now available for your reading pleasure at Bananastan Records. Number five: “The All Golden” b/w “Sassafras,” with art by Klaus Voorman and Billy Edd Wheeler. Number six: “Missin’ Missisippi” b/w “The Parting Hand,” with art by Sally Parks and Stanley Dorfman. My favorite passage from the notes:

Journeying from Malibu to Paris to Madagascar to Wall Street to Trinidad to Galicia to Mississippi and beyond, these recordings are the work of a musician whose windshield is bigger than his rear-view mirror. Fare forward, traveller.
I feel honored to be part of the endeavor.

[The windshield may be found in this interview.]

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