Monday, February 6, 2012

“People are getting rid
of bookshelves”

J. L. Sathre:

1. People are getting rid of bookshelves. Treat the money you budgeted for shelving as found money. Go to garage sales and cruise the curbs.

2. While you’re drafting that business plan, cut your projected profits in half. People are getting rid of bookshelves.

25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore (Open Salon, found via Coudal)

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Elaine said...

We're down to one (large, with glass-paned doors) bookcase. Books are very heavy, and when you move cross-country, you learn to pare things down ruthlessly. Having said that, though, I admit that often I have twinges of regret about books that I once owned and no longer have.

Michael Leddy said...

No regrets here about the books I’ve given away or sold, but they’re relatively few. I do miss books I’ve lost: Sartor Resartus, where are you? Right now I’m making an effort to pull down books I haven’t looked at in years (or ever): thus today’s post with Alfred North Whitehead.