Friday, November 25, 2011

Telephone exchange names
on screen: Naked City

[Alfred Tiloff (Jack Klugman) gives instructions for the delivery of a ransom. “The Tragic Success of Alfred Tiloff.” Naked City. November 8. 1961. Click for a larger view.]

Elaine and I have become hooked on the great television series Naked City. Our habit will soon exhaust all available Netflix DVDs. I don’t know what’ll happen then.

The telephone number in this scene: GRamercy 7–9166.

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Anonymous said...

GR-amercy was our prefix so long ago, situated somewhere between Hollywood and downtown. That time also now seems quite best viewed in black-and-white, a film noir of interesting memories. I am not sure the trade up to color, digital and virtual has been as bright as some believe.

Adair said...

Wasn't this series written by Sterling Silliphant, who also wrote some of the most moving episodes of Route 66?

Michael Leddy said...

Anon., I hope that all of Naked City was in black and white. I can’t imagine this series in color.

Adair, yes, it’s Sterling Silliphant.

Anonymous said...

Stirling Silliphant's Route 66 writing was prose poetry. It was the first time I noticed the writing in a TV show.

I am currently watching, moving back and forth using VLC, "Sweet Smell of Success." It was filmed in fall 1956 in central Manhattan and the crowded street night scenes are a delight.

Michael Leddy said...

I remember watching Route 66 in reruns and loving it. I was too young the first time around.

I share your admiration for Sweet Smell of Success. The opening luncheonette scene really sends me.