Friday, July 23, 2010

Posting the news

[“Men and a woman reading headlines posted in street-corner window of Brockton Enterprise newspaper office on Christmas Eve, Brockton, Mass.” December 24, 1940. Photograph by Jack Delano (1914–1997).]

A beautiful photograph from the Library of Congress. This window seems to anticipate the layout of Arts & Letters Daily. The Enterprise, founded c. 1881, is still publishing.

Don’t miss the photograph in its original size, with Santa’s schedule and a matter-of-fact announcement of another Brockton earthquake. I like the stenciling on the street lamp and “Society PRINTING” in the upstairs printshop.

Other Jack Delano photographs
Packing oranges
Sylvia Sweets Tea Room (Also in Brockton)

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Pete said...

I love that photo - in fact, I posted it to my blog last year. Reminds me of a Hopper painting.

Michael Leddy said...

I wonder now if I saw it there — you’ve been in my Google Reader for some time.

If you like Jack Delano in general, there’s a new book of his photographs. I’m guessing from the relatively low price that it’s all black and white.

Anonymous said...

Lot of Delano photos here:

The Brockton Enterprise photo on Shorpy is not identical to yours.

On the first two pages of this link, scroll way down to the bottom to go to the next page--there's three pages.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Anon. I recognize some from the Library of Congress’s Flickr pages, but many are new to me.