Friday, November 20, 2009

November gone rogue

The Field Notes Brand 2009 Calendar doesn’t really add an extra shopping day before Christmas: December 1 falls on the same Tuesday as “November 31.”

This calendar is such a beautiful thing that I don’t mind the mistake. Or is it a joke? I can’t tell.

Field Notes 2010 calendars are coming on November 25.

[Update: I e-mailed Coudal Partners about November 31, and Jim Coudal replied. He suggests that we think of November 31 as a “bonus day”: “We’re aware of it and our policy is that people should just relax and do no work on that day!”]

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[My only connection to Field Notes Brand is that of a happy user.]

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Elaine Fine said...

Not the 31st?

Michael Leddy said...

From The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage: “Use a numeral for the day when it follows the name of the month.” From The Chicago Manual of Style, 9.35 (15th ed.): “When specific dates are expressed, cardinal numbers are used, although these may be pronounced as ordinals. . . . When a day is mentioned without the month or year, the number, an ordinal, is usually spelled out.”

Thanks, Elaine; looking that up was a lot more fun than putting away laundry. : )

Elaine Fine said...

You obviously didn't get my joke. But you still have a chance to answer this question and get it right.

Michael Leddy said...

I missed it, and now I can’t believe I did. I immediately thought that my “31” should’ve been “31st.”

I like that question!

vanderleun said...

I love Jim's casual attitude towards a bone-headed mistake. After all, when you've found you've lemons lodged between your buttocks make lemonade.