Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chicken strips and fries

Having provided the financial backing for countless chicken-strip plates when my daughter and son were younger, I had to smile at this article about efforts to bring greater sophistication to children's menus:

Perhaps no chef has taken the mission more to heart than Tony Miller of Latitude 41, the restaurant of the Renaissance Columbus in Ohio. (Renaissance, like Ritz-Carlton, falls under the Marriott International corporate umbrella.) "We do not have a chicken finger in this restaurant," Mr. Miller said. The father of a 4-year-old girl, he constructed his "Fun Menu" to appeal to children without pandering to them.

"It features zero fried foods on it," he said. "We do grilled organic chicken teriyaki, a seared fillet of whatever fish is in season, and a four-once fillet of natural beef with smashed potatoes. I have not received a single negative reaction from adults or kids. Not one. The kids say 'Man, that's the best steak I’ve ever eaten!'"

Don’t Point That Menu at My Child, Please (New York Times)

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