Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paula Scher on design

Graphic designer Paula Scher, on the "second" that it took her to design the Citi logo:

How can it be that you talk to somebody and it's done in a second? But it is done in a second; it's done in a second and 34 years. You know? It's done in a second and every experience and every movie and every thing of my life that's in my head.

Paula Scher, a short film by Hillman Curtis
You can see Paula Scher's original sketch of the logo here:
Moving to the Big Citi (Pentagram)
[Thanks, Marjorie.]

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Lee said...

Absolutely. It reminds me of the envious comments of siblings and mates when my son Jakob earns - on rare occasion - a princely sum for playing cello for half an hour at a wedding or party. When they say, wow, €100 or €150 for such a short time, I always remind them that his hourly wage is actually quite low, if they were to add up all the hours and years of practice that went into those 30 minutes.