Friday, August 4, 2006

I am in the Wall Street Journal.

That's something I've never had occasion to say before today. (And I may never have occasion to say it again.) I'm quoted in the Wall Street Journal, in "Lost in Translations," an article by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg on recent translations of great literature. In a sidebar listing various translations, I comment on Lydia Davis' translation of Swann's Way: "Extremely readable in all its complexity, that complexity being the complexity of Proust's sentences." I'm proud to have used the word complexity three times in a single sentence.

Link » Lost in Translations: Flood of Re-Translated Classics Hits Shelves, Igniting Debate (Wall Street Journal)

Link » Proust posts, via Pinboard

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whycantibeanon? said...

Imagine that- my former prof quoted in the Wall Street Journal! I couldn't be more proud! Congratulations on your recent accomplishment.

-- Did I miss something? I can't publish as anonymous anymore?

Michael Leddy said...

I changed it, at least for now. There was an anonymous comment not long ago that seemed really nasty (directed at another commenter, not me, written by someone with way too much time on his or her hands). I deleted that comment and changed the comment rules. I've also had a couple of problems with comment spam (weird commercial junk that has no relation to anything posted), though the word verification takes care of most of that. (I have to do the word verification when I comment too!) Maybe I'll go back to allowing anonymous comments again. I do like the idea of anybody being welcome to comment, but theory and practice don't always mesh.

I think I know who y'are. Thanks for going to the trouble of setting up a profile so as to be able to comment!

P.T. Farkhur said...

Dr. Leddy, Go on with your bad self! Congrats! English Profs read the Wall Street Journal? - It’s a little dry for my taste, but that's a huge paper- good for you.

...Having to set up an account was kind of lame; I'll just have to give this blogging thing a shot.

Chaser said...

wow, neat!!

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, P.T., and thanks, Lisa.