Monday, January 9, 2006

Things my children no longer say

- aminal
- bofay, pronounced bo-FAY (buffet)
- co-Coke, i.e., cold Coke
- the girl hamburger, i.e., Wendy's
- have for has
- he for his: as in "He have to take he nap."
- "I absolutely adore math."
- kid-Coke, i.e., caffeine-free Coca-Cola
- man-Coke, i.e., Coca-Cola
- she for her: as in "She have to take she nap."
- swimming pudd, i.e., pool
- 'What's a politic?": in reply to "What do you think about politics?"


August 2, 2019: There’s at least one that got away.

~ cold cream, i.e., ice cream.

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the communicatrix said...

Well, I'm sorry, but if your kids won't say "man-Coke" anymore, I might just have to start.

"Man-Coke." It is genius.

Elaine said...

They may stop saying it, but WE do not have to give it up!
Still in use:

Time for beckrish.
Time for munch.
I NO nappy-time.! and I NOT nappy time!
Those were Nathaniel-isms.

This is my kibinney... (Thank you, Slim Goodbody, for your assistance. It is difficult to explain some tests to a toddler, but Laura loved your show!)

Michael Leddy said...

Totally! It still goes on in our household too, esp. with pronoun substitutions. And some words are so built-in that they don’t even feel like words that started with the kids — like peep for sleep. We’re the keepers of the traditions. But no soda in the house now.