Monday, April 18, 2005

Ron Silliman on the New American Poetry

Ron Silliman offers a reading list for anyone interested in the New American Poetry. You can find it by clicking here. 3703 students: If you want to follow some new directions in poetry beyond the work of our course, this list is a good starting point.

Silliman's blog doesn't have links to individual posts. You need to scroll to April 7, 2005, to find the list.

Correction: As RS notes, there are links. You can read the post on the New American Poetry by clicking here.

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Ron said...

There are links, actually, to each post, at the end under the number (#) sign. The link for the post you are referring to is

Michael Leddy said...

Ron, thanks for clearing this up--I'm not blog-savvy enough to have caught the "#."