Saturday, February 9, 2019

Today’s Saturday Stumper

Today’s Newsday Saturday Stumper, by Frank Longo, made me think I WNF (would not finish). But the puzzle began to open up when I guessed at 25-Down, six letters, “Top-selling aircraft brand of the 1970s.” Then I got 28-Down, six letters, “Grasping,” and 34-Down, five letters, “Some Southwestern ceramics,” and I was (slowly) on my way. Thank you, top-selling aircraft brand of the 1970s. And thank you, Frank Longo, for a challenging puzzle.

The clues that yielded my favorite answers: 1-Across, ten letters, “‘Busted!’” 17-Across, ten letters, “Girls’ new goal, as of 2019.” 51-Across, three letters, “High grade for a vineyard” — whose answer I know from a certain Van Dyke Parks song. 8-Down, fifteen letters, “Haunts.”

And 23-Down, six letters, “Legendary ‘Grail Maiden.’”

No spoilers: the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...


“From the vine of a vintage cru, comes the wine of this rendezvous:” from “Orange Crate Art.”

Why stomping grounds? It comes from stamping ground: “n. orig. U.S. an animal’s habitual place of resort; also transf.” (OED).

Elaine said...

I, too, enjoyed 23D.... We Fair Lily Maids enjoy a lttle attention. (You don't find anyone being named ELAINE these days, it seems.)
This one was a toughie, but I did it in one sitting (significant, for me.). Meanest clue/entry combo: 13D. because NORTH STAR fit beautifully...until it didn't.
I wanted to nest the CUPS, but I guess diners have only mugs?

Michael Leddy said...

No, not too many new Elaines that I can see.

Congrats on getting the whole thing in one sitting. I too had CUPS and wondered, If not CUPS then what? But I had to look back now to see POTS, which I got from the long answers.