Tuesday, February 5, 2019

More Salinger

J.D. Salinger’s son Matt Salinger tells The Guardian that new work from his father is forthcoming — someday.

When? “When he began work in 2011, Matt never expected it would take eight years.” And: “When I ask how much longer it will take, Matt replies: ‘We’re definitely talking years,’ though, he hopes, fewer than ten.”

Does that mean two more years? Or ten more?

As for the specific claims about new work that David Shields and Shane Salerno make in their dreadful 2013 biography Salinger), Matt Salinger dismisses them:

“They’re total trash,” he says. “The specific bullet-point dramatic quote-unquote reveals that have been made are utter bullshit. They have little to no bearing on reality.”
Included in the Guardian report: a Salinger “squib” (a brief note written on an eighth of a sheet of paper) and several excerpts from letters. The squib: excruciatingly joyful. The letters: a bit ranty.

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[The Guardian article doesn’t mention Shields and Salerno by name, but their claims about new work are the only ones that have been made.]

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