Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Missing from the SOTU

Climate change, alternative energy, children in cages, the government shutdown, gun violence, violence against ethnic and religious minorities, violence against LGBTQ people, LGBTQ rights, the minimum wage, poverty, the cost of health care, student debt, affordable housing, educational inequality, income disparity, voting rights, opioids, xenophobia, white nationalism.

It took me about a minute to create this list, which is probably longer than the president and his people thought about giving any attention to these matters.

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Anonymous said...

Great list! In looking at the list, I came up with this: all but a few of them have to do people. But as we know, the current administration has an obsession with physical things such as walls, allowing more drilling on federal lands, etc. Those are things you can touch and feel and point to to say "hey, look at what I did for you."


Michael Leddy said...

Don’t forget infrastructure week. :)