Monday, July 9, 2018

A coffee quiz

[Life, October 31, 1938. Click for a slightly larger view.]

Insomniacs drinking coffee — sounds like homeopathy. Football teams drinking coffee at halftime — I wouldn’t know. Regular habits — like golf? No, not golf. “The gentle wave-like motion” — my inner twelve-year-old is snickering. Hangovers — my inner twenty-four-year-old is thinking that coffee cures them.

So many claims, such “oceans of notions” — and, as William Butler Yeats might have put it, “The coffee cup’s in the midst of all.” Yes, where there’s life — there’s coffee! I like that dowdy cup, steam rising, message written in cream by an exceedingly skilled barista. Oh, wait: it’s 1938. No barista.

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Chris said...

I think my favorite parts of this are the way the woman is dressed for a visit to a physician (with her slender fingers elegantly splayed) and the fact that it's the old guy with the golf clubs who by implication has issues with constipation. I'm surprised that the ad doesn't mention that for the latter purpose coffee can be applied from the other end as well.

Michael Leddy said...