Thursday, July 6, 2006

Water-slide, syllables added to pool

Our town pool has been renamed an "aquatic center." But that doesn't mean that we will be swimming with sharks. According to our local newspaper, the change of name is meant to show that there's more to the pool than a pool. There is also a water-slide.

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Dale Michael Houstman said...

Not that this has anything to do with water parks, (although it is bizarrely aquatic) but a few years ago my wife and I were driving through South Dakota, and we came across a small town in the middle of a parched plain. A billboard outside town announced the place's "attraction": a real live dolphin! I felt sorry for the moist mammal, and even sorrier (perhaps oddly) for the fate of such hamlets in the rush toward tourist dollars. I can't imagine this drew in many curiosity seekers (curious as it was), and predicted that the dolphin - to help pay its way - would eventually have to leave its tank and get a job in a fish restaurant as a consultant. Or a greeter.